Photographer of the Month Interview : Michelle Ramirez / Michelle Ramirez Photography


We are pleased to announce Michelle Ramirez – as July Photographer of the Month. Visit her amazing blog and see more of her work on Facebook and Instagram @mramirezphoto!

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What inspired you to use Woodland Albums? “The Legend” Album caught my eye. It’s something that is completely different from other albums. It’s something I would purchase myself if I was a bride.


What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Woodland Albums? “That’s me!” Totally my style. They are so beautifully unique and the quality is fabulous.

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Share with us your favorite Woodland album and why. What materials/ options do you choose? I have sample books of the 8×8 and 12×12 Legend Albums. Favorite Cover is the “Dark Brown Leather.” The side material I recommend my clients getting is the “fine art velvet paper.”

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What type of clients do you think will enjoy these albums? Definitely my Wedding Clients. They love them!


Any suggestions for Woodland Albums? Would love to see if they can get Black Leather for the Legend Albums.


How long have you been a photographer? 7 years.


How did you discover your passion for photography? When I was pregnant with my daughter, I thought photos would be perfect to document her life and our new life. You can’t always hire a photographer to get every moment. So I bought a Nikon Bundle, took some workshops and started there.


How do you define your style? Journalistic/bold/moody….It’s just my style. I can’t really describe it. Definitely journalistic. I love telling stories through my photos.


What would we find in your camera bag for a typical shoot? For an average lifestyle shoot, my Nikon D3 Body, 85mm 1.4 lens, 24mm 1.4 lens, Speedlight, 2 Lume Cubes, Chapstick, Oil Blotters and a bottle Water. For a wedding, pretty much everything lol.


Your favorite lens? 85mm 1.4 Nikkor Lens. It’s absolutely stunning.


Share with us your favorite image and why. So, my favorite image is my Daughter Maylee on her “5th Birthday shoot.” I love this photo of her because it’s her and she is the absolute reason why I am a photographer today. Documenting her and my family life has been a huge inspiration to me. It makes me understand and appreciate photographing lifestyle and wedding moments with other people’s lives.


When you are shooting—how much of it is instinctual versus planned? Basically it’s like this. I come into a photoshoot/wedding with an open mind. I always ask my clients to do the same. Within minutes of meeting my clients, I already know what to do and how to shoot.


What are some of your rules of thumb in photography? No rules. Just real moments and have fun! Too much posing gets boring.


Whose work, photography or otherwise, are you inspired by and why? Oh geez… I would have to say Daniel Aguilar. He’s a Fearless Photographer. I am a fan of dramatic and “mind bending” photos. He captures moments and they are completely different from anything I have ever seen. I would love to learn from him one day. I love dark images. He nails it. He’s absolutely brilliant.


What is it you like the most about being a photographer? I love life and I love capturing it. I actually LOVE my job! I am not going to lie, I also love being my own boss. lol Everything that I’ve ever been good at (to me) and what I am passionate about, I am doing that now. I am very fortunate.


If you weren’t a photographer what would you be? I would be a chef most definitely. When I take editing breaks, what relaxes me is making food and testing recipes out. I even take photos of it all. It’s another form of art I greatly enjoy.


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