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With over 25k likes on Facebook, Woodland Albums is one of the most popular album companies and are everything you expect and more. Woodland Albums are the owners and creators of the popular Legend Albums and are a sister brand of Forbeyon, Inc. Focused on Fine Art Albums and accessories we emphasize on natural, earth toned options that you and your clients will love. We specialize in creating beautiful, fresh, and simple handmade albums using the finest silk and canvas cover materials at a modest price.

We want to compliment your outdoor event with a natural product your clients will love. We look forward to helping you create lasting memories for your clients.

All products are made in USA – All In house in Dallas, TX. @woodlandalbums

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Have questions about our fine art albums? Contact us via e-mail at info@woodlandalbums.com or give us a ring at 972-220-1480.