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I can’t find the browse button, how can I upload my files?

Click here >

What are pages, sides, and spreads?

With our albums, 1 page is the same as 1 side.
1 full spread = 2 pages/sides (left and right)
Example: 16 pages = 8 full spreads OR 2 single pages/sides and 7 full spreads

How can I order a test print?

Our test prints are 8×8 and $8 per test print. Email us your image/layout file(s) in size 8×8 (sRGB, 300dpi).

Do you have templates I can use for the albums?

You can check the PSD templates for all of our albums here >

Do you offer a design service? I need help with designing the layouts for the albums!

Order Design Service:
Two and a half album designs (paid design service only, do not include album):
Minimal Design >
Artistic Design >
If you don’t want to design the layout files yourself and would like our designer to design them for you, send your photos and place your design order through Two and a half album designs. This design service is for designs only (separate purchase) and does not include albums. After you’ve approved the layout designs the designer has created, you will receive a link to download the files. You can then upload the files to your Forbeyon or Woodland Album order.

I already uploaded my layouts. What do I need to do next?

Click Start My Order button: After uploading the files, keep hitting the next button until the last page where you will find a blue button at the bottom that says Start My Order. This button lets us know that your order is ready to be processed and made. If you have not clicked this button to confirm your order then your order will not be processed until you have given us complete confirmation.

I want a studio logo die…How do I do that?

Select YES for Create Studio Logo Die. Email us the logo file so we can make a die to use on the album. It’s $55 to have one made but that is a one time charge unless you decide to update your logo and want to get a new logo die. After it is made, we keep the logo die in our studio so it can be used for your future orders.
File requirement: Vector file created using illustrator (.eps/ .ai, 300 dpi). Maximum size you can send is 1.25 inches (height) x 3.5 inches (length). Background must be 100% solid white. Text must be 100% solid black. Design elements must be kept at a minimum.

I want to re-order an old album order. Do I need to re-upload my files or do you have them stored on record?

If you want the same files from your previous order, there is no need to re-upload the files. On the upload page, there is an option at the top that says transfer files, find the old order number and click Transfer.

I need to change the cover details of my order, how can I do that?

Email us for any changes needed for your order including cover material, imprinting, or album size. If your order has already been processed and is in production there will be a fix charge if the cover is already made.

What is a Split Binding?

Our albums (except Sweet Album) have superb Forbeyon split binding. Split binding is taking each spread and cutting them in half and placing a super-slim (0.1mm) gap in between the pages. It is one of the thinnest gaps in the industry and produces a stronger book block.

Do you color correct my files?

No, we don’t color correct the files submitted for your orders.

How long will Woodland Albums keep digital image files on its server?

All digital image files will be deleted after 1 calendar year. To prevent any complications with Holiday orders, the file storage year begins and ends in November.

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How long will it take to receive my order?

Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks + shipping
Once you have submitted your album design files, please allow 2-3 weeks to print, bind, and have your order in the mail or ready for pick-up. Turnaround time only begins when all files are submitted and the order is ready to be processed.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer FREE regular shipping (album orders) to 48 US states. (AK, HI, PR, Guam: Charged after your order has shipped)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! International shipping fee will be charged after we ship. You can email us to find the estimated shipping fees to your country.

Can you drop ship to my client?

Yes, you can select the option “Drop Ship” in the shipping information at checkout and fill in your client’s address.

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Do you do design for albums?

We have a design service, where you can send your photos and our designer can design the layouts for you.
Design Service >

Do you offer discount for sample albums?

Yes! If you are a photographer and want to create your studio sample album, we offer 20% off discount. Be sure to email us after placing the order so we can manually apply the discount. All studio sample albums will include Studio Sample imprinted on the album.

I love the Legend Album! How can I get swatches?

Legend Album Swatches >

Is there a limit to how many sample albums I can order at a time or in a year overall?

No, there is no limit to how many sample albums you can order at any given time.

I don’t live in Texas and I want to see your albums. Do you have a loaner album program?

We sure do! This program allows us to send you a loaner album, which you can keep it for 2 weeks. To request a loaner album, please send an email to info@woodlandalbums.com.