Legend Album by Zero Photography

The smell of these soft textured leather albums is the first thing my brides notice when they open up their album box. There’s always a look of joy on their faces the moment they begin to unravel that leather strap which keeps the albums closed. Then there’s that look of excitement when they realize that the pages are actually THAT thick! Haha! There’s really something unique and special which blends these beautifully crafted leather albums to my brand. The soft pages make you want to run your hands across the pages. You are instantly tied to the images because of that extra sensation I believe. I can see my Brides and Grooms opening up these leather time pieces years from now and feeling exactly the same way they did the very first time they held it. I choose the LEGEND albums simply because there’s truly nothing else like them.


12×12 Dark Brown Leather Legend Album
Fine Art Velvet Paper, Right Side Flap Imprinting (Optima, Gold)


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