Legend Album by Raelyn Ramey Photography

My all time favorite albums are the Legend albums. My clients could tell you the exact same thing because it’s usually the first album I like to show them. They fit in perfectly with the raw, organic feel I like to portray with my art. It is also the exact reason I was drawn to working with Woodland Albums. The customer care is so important to me as well. When I make mistakes, which I certainly tend to do, they are always on top of it. I love that they will go out of their way to ask me if I meant to do something. Whether that be selecting a certain album color, or accidentally paying for something I already had on file, I know that they have my best interest. Communication is key in a relationship! I value my relationships for my business and Woodland Albums is one I would like to keep around.


8×8 Legend Album 2
Saddle DarkBrown Natural Cut
Fine Art Watercolor Paper, Right Side Flap (Optima, Debossing)



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