Mat Box by Loni Smith Photography

I first fell in love with Woodland Albums when I came across their Whimsical album. It fits perfectly with my brand and I knew immediately that I had to offer it in my product line. But I also needed a product that I could offer apart from albums and wall hangings, so I decided on Woodland’s mat box. I love the presentation of these boxes – they feel sturdy and have a beautiful range of covers to choose from. My clients are thrilled with the option to have a photo and foil stamping on the front. The stack of matted images invite you to look through them and when you’re done, they store nicely in their protective box. I will only offer products that I can stand behind and feel confident about when selling them to my clients. This mat box found its place in my salesroom and is here to stay.


20 Matted Prints + Mat Box
Birch Cover, Cameo, Gold Imprinting


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