We are pleased to announce Julie Crawford / Magnolia + Ember
as our February Photographer of the Month.

By Magnolia and Ember

12×12 Dark Brown Leather Legend Album
Fine Art Velvet Paper,
Right Side Flap Imprinting
(Modern, Debossing)

What inspired you to use Woodland Albums? The unique, artistic appeal of The Legend album captured my attention immediately.

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of Woodland Albums? The quality of albums offered, and they are unlike any I’ve seen with other companies.

Share with us your favorite Woodland album and why. What materials/ options do you choose? I’ve adopted The Legend and The Whimsical albums into my brand. Both have their own distinct characters that I love, but my favorite has to be The Legend because it reminds me of a journal. My brand is geared towards adventurous love stories as well as deep emotional connections, so an album to mimic a travel or writer’s journal is rather suiting.

What type of clients do you think will enjoy these albums? Those couples who really appreciate art. These albums are timeless pieces that are sure to be passed down through generations.

How long have you been a photographer?  I’ve been a photographer for nine years, however it’s been since 2016 that I really narrowed down my niche with adventure weddings and intimate elopements.

How did you discover your passion for photography? I’ve had a love for art and camera for as long as I can remember. One day I just decided that I was going to find a way to build a career out of photography because I loved it so much.

How do you define your style? There’s nothing traditional about my style, but rather I create experiences. I want to capture what is felt within the deepest parts of inner selves, and to do that, the moment has to be real. The approach I take photographing couples has a beautiful way of manifesting the greatest emotions that will radiate through the lens. I want people to look back at pictures and have every feeling of that moment come crashing down. The ultimate goal is to create an experience that will forever hold the amazing energy of time spent together encapsulating the love between two bodies and souls.

When you are shooting—how much of it is instinctual versus planned? Totally intuitive! The only thing planned is the location, and even that sometimes changes in the moment. The one thing I tell my clients they can do to ensure their session amazing is to trust the process. Go along with where the wind takes us, don’t worry if we cannot scout locations beforehand, and simply enjoy the experience of finding places in the moment that speak to us. That is the very place where the emotions will ascend and your story will be capture. One aspect I adore about traveling for adventure weddings and elopements is that I get discover new places to photograph couples without the inclination to shoot in a particular location because that’s what is expected. I do not like photographing in a defined area solely on the fact that everyone else does it there. I want settings that hold value, whether that importance comes from it being a special place that holds personal memories for the couple or because that spot drew us in at that moment in time. This idea extends to working at wedding venues as well, let’s just seek the light and live for the unrehearsed. Sure I’ve scouted unknown grounds prior to shoots before, but often I don’t, and those improvised times have never failed to lead me to incredible destinations. Maybe it’s my intuitive spirit that directs us right where we need to be. Maybe it’s me trusting divine timing and that we are given all we need when it’s in front of us.

What are some of your rules of thumb in photography? I encourage couples to be their genuine selves. When people can let go and be themselves, lovingly free, magic happens in front of my lenses. This is when I capture the emotions and awesomeness of relationships. I’m not one for stiff-posed photographs. I like the candids, the in-betweens, the moments when hair is a mess and there isn’t a worry in the world. I embrace the eccentric way I have of capturing natural elements. I want couples to be so wrapped up in their connection with each other that they forget I’m even there. I want people to look back at pictures and have every feeling of that moment come crashing down. My goal is to create an authentic, unique experience that highlights the very essence of shared love.

What is it you like the most about being a photographer? Magnolia + Ember exists for the opportunity to surround myself with kindred spirits, capture profound connections between lovers, witness extraordinary places on Earth, and fulfill pieces of my purpose for existence. The creative art of being a photographer, holding a piece of time and space, ignites my soul in such a way that makes me confident that this is meant for me.

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