Woodland Albums Order Page: https://online.forbeyon.com/WL/woodland_Shopping.aspx
=>Place your order first and click upload on the next page to upload your files. Files you upload must be designed layout files created using photoshop or other design software. We don’t charge or process the order immediately, we process after files are uploaded on the order.  Get psd template files for our albums here if you are going to design the layouts using photoshop >

=>When uploading the layout files (not single image/photo files but designed layout files through photoshop or other design software), *for 12×12 album single side files (first and last page) should be 12×12 inches (300 dpi, sRGB, jpg) and the rest of the full spread files should be 24×12 inches (300 dpi, sRGB, jpg). File names must be in numerical order – 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg….etc. Layouts Guide >

Two and a half album designs (paid design service only, do not include album):
Minimal Design -> http://twoandahalfdesigns.com/product/minimal-album-design-service/
Artistic Design -> http://twoandahalfdesigns.com/product/artistic-album-design-service/

=> If you don’t want to design the layout files yourself and would like our designer to design them for you, send your photos and place your design order through Two and a half album designs. This design service is for designs only (separate purchase) and do not include albums. After you’ve approved the layout designs the designer has created, you will receive a link to download the files. You can then upload the files to your Forbeyon or Woodland Albums album order.

Can’t find the Browse button on the upload module? See below:

Click Safari > Preferences > Security > Plug-in Settings > Adobe Flash Player > On > Done
(Reload the upload page and you will find the Browse button to upload the files.)

Click “i” icon on the left of the address bar > Flash > Always allow on this site
(Reload the upload page and you will find the Browse button to upload the files.)

After fixing the issue, you will find the Browse button to upload the files:

Click Start My Order button:
After uploading the files, make sure to keep hitting next until the last page where you will find a blue button at the bottom that says Start My Order. This button lets us know that your order is ready to be processed and made. If you have not clicked this button to confirm your order then your order will not be processed until you have given us complete confirmation.

Send the files to info@woodlandalbums.com:
If you are still having issues uploading the files, you can send the layout files to info@woodlandalbums.com using dropbox, google drive, or wetransfer.com and we can upload the files to the order for you.

Contact us for any questions – info@woodlandalbums.com